Mastectomy Barbie.

Holy f*ing shit.

 “The NEARLY ME® brand was originally developed in 1976 by Ruth Handler, the creator of the BARBIE* Doll and former CEO of the Mattel Corporation.  Ms. Handler, a breast cancer survivor, found that the breast forms available at the time were not comfortable, realistic, beautiful, or easily purchased.  She had the resources to design and develop a breast form for herself, and she created the NEARLY ME® brand so that other women could have access to the same high-quality breast prostheses. 

Nearly Me Technologies, Inc. continues this tradition by creating products that fit the physical as well as the emotional needs of the mastectomee.



Our goal is to help women look and feel beautiful after breast surgery.” 


I’m kinda incredulous.

1. If you think yr breast prosthesis is “nearly you,” you musta been some busted plastic bitch to begin with.

2. Does the prosthesis make you “look and feel beautiful” the same way the anatomically wack Barbie doll does for female children and adolescents?

3. Please, tell me how a plastic boob meets “emotional needs.”

Ich bin die mastectomee.

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